Thank you for joining us in this journey we call life.  Here we share what worked for us, what didn’t and all things in between.  Down home girl lovin’ Jesus, family and all the critters I can get my hands on.

In the midst of all the busyness we decided to take on soapmaking and other body care products. Soon we hope to offer a full line of products we use in our own home and love to share with you and your own families!

We have been taking a break from the busyness that is farm life but someday again we will have all the animals again.  Rabbits, chickens, dogs, and whatever else comes our way.

For now, we will focus on the homeschooling the kiddos and whatever God desires for our lives.   Check out the blog post about why we choose to homeschool our children.  I home to share with you some tips and tricks to help you along your own journey.