At Skooblie we pride ourselves in our small batch soap and cosmetic recipes using safe and family friendly ingredients in all of our products. Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in the wonderful Washington State, many of our offerings are inspired by the great outdoors. Our mission is to create products that you will enjoy, at prices you can afford.

After a few years of reading books, stalking Facebook groups, and learning about essential oils and more natural ways of taking care of my body and those of my family, I started making a lot of homemade products to replace common cleaners and body products we typically use. I did a lot of research and took online courses to find out more about how certain ingredients are beneficial to our skin and well being. After a lot of trial and error I started making some products that I really, REALLY liked using and began to share with friends and family. I enjoyed learning more and more and enjoy the process of creating products I feel comfortable to use on myself and those closest to me.

In 2018 I made my first batch of lye soap. “LYE SOAP? Isn’t lye toxic?!” That’s what I thought! Until I found that there is a whole lot of art and science involved in making soap. I was hooked! Using handmade small batch soap is like nothing you will find in the grocery store! So bubbly and nourishing and my hands are clean! So after more trials and errors and much encouragement from friends and family, Skooblie Handmade Goods was born! Our small family business hopes to bless you and your family with products that you can feel safe using for the whole family.