Q: Do you use lye in your soaps?

A: The short answer is yes. The short scientific answer is, it ain’t soap unless you start with oils (fats) and lye (sodium hydroxide).

Q: Doesn’t lye burn and is toxic?

A: Yes. Yes it does, until science happens and it is mixed with oils/fats and a really cool chemical process called saponification occurs. That changes the lye and fats into soap. In the process the fatty chain acids are mixed with the alkaline and they become a sodium of the fat. When the bar of soap is made correctly, there is no lye remaining in the bar.
To read more about the process, check out this link.

Q: What ingredients do you use when you make soap?

A: It depends on what properties you want to get out of a bar of soap. Do you want a super cleansing bar that will leave that squeaky clean feel? Do you want to have luscious bubbly lather that leaves your skin feeling moisturized and smooth? How about one that helps keep that pesky acne at bay? Each formulation takes into account what benefits we look for and use them in combination with other friendly ingredients to achieve the goal.

Q: Are your ingredients safe and allergen free?

A: All of our ingredients are soy free, sulfate(SLS) free, paraben free, and phthalate free.   Our soaps are made using RSPO palm oil, responsibly sourced micas, and we use olive and coconut oil in all our artisan bars, unless otherwise stated.