Making the choice to homeschool is not something to take lightly.  It is hard work and requires a lot of dedication and effort.  It was a decision, that to be honest, I was terrified to do and quite frankly, am still terrified at times.  (I have heard that if you are not terrified that you are going to screw up your child, then you are doing it wrong.) We shall see how that works out in the future.

There are many reasons we have chosen to homeschool, allow me to share with you the top few.

The most important thing to our family is Christ.  We, as Biblical Christians want the very best for our children and believe the first and most important thing to have is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We live in a world that is fallen and where the mere mention of Jesus Christ in a public school is looked down upon and is asking for trouble.  We want to help our children to build a foundation upon Him as our Rock.  We want to make sure that we are not only educating our kids with book smarts, we want to raise our children and teach their hearts to serve and trust Him with their whole lives.  We are able to incorporate biblical principles and character development into our daily work and school lesson plans.  There are so many great resources for Christian homeschooling parents.  Homeschooling allows us to be able to do that on a daily basis.

There is a Stay-at-Home Mom to care for them
We have been blessed for Jeremy to have a wonderful place to work that allows for me to be able to stay home to take care of the home, critters and kids. Although there are times that it all feels like it’s falling apart and I do a horrible job, I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and by having a servant’s heart and attitude it is possible.  Being home with the children gives me the time and ability to teach them, not only the instruction time but how to be a productive member of the family, home and community.  This hopefully will equip them and help them to be productive and helpful in their own lives once they are able to leave our home and have their own someday. (Lord willing.)

We have control over the influences in their lives
Some may call it sheltering, others may say it’s over-protecting but to us, it is an important factor to us as parents.  With the amount of worldly influences that kids are exposed to in the public or even private school system, we appreciate the fact that if we see a behavior in our children that is not appropriate, we have a good idea from where it stems.  (Usually only have to look into the mirror to see.)  We are also able to decide what and when our children are ready for certain topics that may be addressed differently than our preferences and can help them to understand difficult topics at their age level and through a biblical perspective, rather than that of a worldly perspective.  We are also free from most bullying and other social problems that come with an institutionalized education system.  I know that my children are safe, spiritually, emotionally and physically when they’re are at home.  We want them to think freely and don’t want them being molded into what someone else thinks they should be.  BUT WHAT ABOUT SOCIALIZING THEM?  We have the flexibility and freedom to be able to explore our world and socialize with people of all ages and professions.  Teaching our kids HOW to think rather than indoctrinating them of WHAT to think according to the public (or private) school’s governing body. Rather than them stuck in an environment for 7 hours or more each day with the same aged peers and a few adults each day, we prefer to have them be able to interact with people of all ages and be able to hold a conversation without being awkward or above or below their standards.

We are able to customize each child’s education 
One of my favorite parts is being there when your child has been working on something and having difficulty then finally “getting it”.  The look in their eyes when it clicks is something I never expected would bring so much joy.  Just like watching your babies take their first steps, or saying their first words, homeschooling is being able to be there for the victories in your child’s life. There are so many resources available to homeschooling families and finding those resources can be overwhelming at times when you are getting started or are ready to take the next step or make a change in your plan.  I was so thankful to some friends and fellow homeschooling moms to help take me under their wing and show me their choices for curriculum, schedules, and work they do with their families.  Since then, I am so thankful that I have been able to do the same for other moms that are taking the plunge to homeschool and are looking for help with the decision-making process.  Getting to know your child’s learning style, your teaching style and what will work best for your family’s dynamic is a learning curve for sure.  Being able to speed through something one child is flying through, or slowing down to their pace as needed is a beautiful benefit to homeschooling.  With the ability to stop and redirect or dive further into a topic of interest is a liberating experience. We also have the wonderful ability to not have to teach to the test and since the teaching time is one on one (or one on three) our school days are usually fairly short.  We are able to get to things we love to do like play or get stuff done around the house or farm or other fun activities.

With our family, farm life, extra-curricular activities and ministry we are a busy crew.  Homeschooling allows us to have the flexibility to schedule things like doctor and dentist appointments, grocery shopping, playdates, and trips to the park when it’s not totally crowded.  We are also able to schedule extracurricular activities and field trips during the least busy times.  In our local area, there are several homeschooling families that often time there are so many activities going on, it’s definitely important to keep a schedule to keep up!  A major benefit is that there is also never the rush to get to the big yellow bus every morning and we have the added bonus of doing school in our jammies if we all feel like it.  That’s an extra perk for this non-morning type mom. If someone is sick, then it can become a reading day and we chill on the couch and take it easy or perhaps find an educational show for the day.

We choose to homeschool our kids to provide a healthy education in the same way you would provide healthy and nutritious food for your family.  We want them to grow strong spiritually in addition to physically and mentally.   Thanks for reading!

Perhaps one day soon, I will blog more about our actual homeschool day, curriculum choices and all that fun stuff.